New Life in Christ

by angela on January 29, 2012

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Christ came to give us freedom,
New attitude of mind…….
To heal the broken-hearted
The weak, infirm and blind.

In Him is new beginning;
The old life
washed away.
Embrace His pure redemption,
Then live with Him each day.

Christ came into the world to save sinners – of whom I am the worst.

1 Timothy
Chapter 1, verse 15

Both of the biblical statements were written in letters from Paul, originally known as Saul, a persecutor and murderer of Christians.  When he became a Christian, his life transformed completely and he was an entirely different, so he was known differently, as Paul, a missionary who lived and preached the message of New Life in Christ. If anyone knew of it’s reality, it was Paul!  I love these two bible verses because Paul doesn’t hide away from the facts of the vile person that he used to be, but openly acknowledges them, but leaves the shame behind and lives a life that offers hope in Christ to others.  The fact that these incredible words of faith and encouragement were written whilst he suffered for his faith, shackled to the prison cell in cold and damp conditions are proof to me of how Christ makes a difference in any and all circumstances if we choose to accept Him.

This poem will soon be available to purchase from my shop as a beautifully illustrated ‘postcard’, costing 50p.


new_life_in_christ_front new_life_in_christ_back

Front of card

Reverse of card

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