A Child’s Letter to God

by angela on February 24, 2012






This letter poem is all written in rhyme and rhythm and was inspired by 7 year old Beth, who was waiting until her brother’s birthday to send her letter to God on the helium balloon when the birthday was over!  I loved the idea, so this poem was born……



Mum, can I send my letter?
I’ve written it to God.
It needs to go to heaven
Up in the land of nod.

I’ve put it in an envelope
And sealed it with a prayer
And now I’ve got a simple plan
To make sure it gets there.

I need a helium balloon
I’ll tie it to the string,
Then it can find its way to God:
I know that He’ll be in.

It’s just a little letter:
Read it – God won’t mind
That’s why I like to talk to Him
Because He’s very kind.


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