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Angela Yardy of Angela's Poems



Our Safe Place

This poem is intended to be placed somewhere in the home, identifying that place as somewhere to speak freely and openly about the things we find it hard to discuss.  My hope is that it will encourage the development of a feeling of safety, openness and honesty within families, so that feelings aren’t left buried […]

Have faith

Have Faith

Christian Poetry This Christian encouragement poem invites you to embrace your doubts and questions, not to be in denial of them…..   Wherever you are in your life Whatever you hope to achieve Remember, the first step to master Will always be “How to Believe!”

Full Christmas story

The Full Christmas Story

      This Christmas poem was purpose written to be used at the end of my rhyming Christmas nativity play “Children’s Nativity Story” and reminds us that the birth of the baby Jesus was just the beginning of the story of Jesus.


A Prayer Against Depression

Christian Poetry A Christian encouragement poem relating to the battle against depression and the feelings it creates.                   Why is it, when I’m in a crowd, I still feel so alone? How come I’m labelled ‘popular’, and yet feel so unknown?   And all this isolation, why […]


  This Christian inspirational poem is written as a letter to God, thanking Him for the gift of creation.   I cannot help but be amazed When I think of creation. Not just about the place I live, But the whole compilation.The fact that every part of earth Works hand in hand together; The animals, […]

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Humpty Dumpty

A Day in the Life of Humpty Dumpty

  These are a couple of creatively silly Humpty Dumpty alternative poems that are firm favourites with the children in my Fun With Poetry assemblies.  There is a token gesture of hyperbole used as humour, but otherwise they are  just funny poems!   Humpty Dumpty sat on my knee Humpty Dumpty had a great wee


The Unfriendly Chimpanzee

        Just a fun animal poem, written with my usual, childish immaturity!


My Bogie Collection

This disgusting (sorry!) list poem includes lots of moments of alliteration, but is too disgusting a topic for my daughter to allow me to read aloud!  For some reason, she thinks that I’m immature!

Incy Wincy Alternative

Incy Wincy Spider (Alternative Nursery Rhyme)

    Incy Wincy spider climbed up the spout Down came a paper, and gave him such a clout Out came the raindrops and washed him down the drain Now Incy Wincy spider will not be back again.


Animal Rescue

  Welcome to my animal sanctuary. I have absolutely anything that you could possibly ever want. What was it you were looking for?

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