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Angela Yardy of Angela's Poems



A Child’s Letter to God

        This letter poem is all written in rhyme and rhythm and was inspired by 7 year old Beth, who was waiting until her brother’s birthday to send her letter to God on the helium balloon when the birthday was over!  I loved the idea, so this poem was born……    

The Message of God's Grace

The Message of God’s Grace

A Christmas Poem   This Christmas performance poem is ideal to use with a nativity play or during a church service.   At Christmas, we all hear the story Of when Jesus Christ came to earth We listen and watch a performance Reminding us of Jesus’ birth. But is this where we tend to leave […]


A Poem With Purpose

An Encouragement Poem This encouragement, list poem is creatively written to include a list of metaphors and is a lovely encouragement to someone who doesn’t recognise their own value and purpose……   What is a poem if no-body reads it? What is a favour if no-body needs it? What is a present, if no-body gives? […]


The Unending Christmas Story

    This Christmas shape poem (In the shape of a Christmas tree) was purpose written to be used as a performance poem at the end of my rhyming Christmas nativity play “The Simplest Nativity Play Ever” 

God's Tapestry

God’s Tapestry

Christian Poetry This Christian inspirational poem, written as a metaphor poem, looks at the analogy of  life being like one big tapestry with our lives all interwoven in some way. The Tapestry of Life was started At the dawn of time. Within the pattern, even then, God saved a place for mine.  With every stitch […]

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A Bitter Pill

      This is just a fun rhyme and rhythm story poem, including exaggeration for effect (hyperbole), with one word play phrase too.  It is based on a true scenario that anyone who has ever owned a tom cat will probably be able to relate to!    


Seek and Ye Shall Find

  Apologies for those of you who came looking for a deep and meaningful poem; this is not the one!


My Sister is a Bookworm

This poem begins very sensibly, but the rhyming led me in a totally different direction… I followed and the story developed from there!  Check out the amount of alliteration in verse 3!


Ministry of Defence Calling!

VROOP VROOP! Red alert! Aliens have landed. Their spaceship is on fire…. It looks like they are stranded.

Mary had a Little Lamb dirty

Mary Had a Little lamb

  This is nothing more than a silly poem based on the original nursery rhyme, and using the same rhyme and rhythm pattern.     Mary had a little lamb Its fleece was dirty black

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