All of my Christian poems are categorised separately here, as I encourage teachers, children and beginners to use my site as an educational site and am keen not to force my own personal beliefs on anyone. Having said that, keeping my God and Saviour and the way He makes me feel to myself feels very much like owning a precious gem and not letting anyone see it, touch it or share it! Therefore, I have categorised my Christian and inspirational poetry separately from the educational poems, so that anyone who chooses to read it may do so, and I trust that God will speak to anyone who chooses to listen.
As the bible says in Luke 11 verse 9 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

A Prayer for Guidance

by angela on August 26, 2014

What should I do?  Who should I be?
What life has God prepared for me? [click to continue…]

A Poem With Purpose

by angela on August 26, 2014

This encouragement, list poem is creatively written to include a list of metaphors……

What is a poem if no-body reads it?
What is a favour if no-body needs it?

What is a present, if no-body gives?
How painful is “sorry”, if no-one forgives?

What is a story with no-one to listen?
What is a diamond without light to glisten?

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Who Am I?

by angela on February 11, 2014 · 0 comments

Who am i


Today I met a stranger.  That stranger asked my name.
I introduced myself to her and then she did the same.

 But does my name say anything about the person… me?
Does it tell her who I was, or am, or soon will be?

 When I introduce myself, should I really say
The personal traits that make me who I am from day to day? [click to continue…]

A Prayer Against Depression

by angela on February 11, 2014 · 0 comments



Why is it, when I’m in a crowd, I still feel so alone?
How come I’m labelled ‘popular’, and yet feel so unknown?


And all this isolation, why is no-one aware?
Why do I feel invisible?  Does anybody care?


I feel so insignificant; why am I never heard?
Why, when I speak, does no-one seem to hear a single word? [click to continue…]

Grandpa's Nativity Story Play script

This 25 minute nativity play  tells the traditional, bible based nativity and blends the story with a modern Christmas Eve in a fun way using rhyming narration and including…

  • the nativity story for Grandpa to READ (no script to learn)
  • 22 short rhyming speaking parts (averaging 2 to 4 lines) (Can easily be shared differently for a smaller or larger cast)
  •  with the option to include the character of  Santa/St Nicholas.
  • It is flexible and adaptable for ANY CAST SIZE (customer feedback puts the smallest cast to date at 9, and the largest 150)

The script has received some fantastic customer feedback and uses  simple song words to the following familiar tunes (including sheet music and FREE midi backing tracks)


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The Day that Baby Jesus Came to Town Nativity Play

2 September 2013

Perfect for a mixed age or all school performance, this fun bible based 25 minute nativity play is told…. through a rhyming narration by the innkeeper’s wife with lots of humour, attitude and sarcasm Using her pre-printed ‘diary’ so her story can be told by reading, (NO NEED TO LEARN) Including 24 short rhyming speaking parts  (can easily […]

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Children’s Nativity Story Play script

1 September 2013

This traditional, bible based 25 minute nativity play is told through a rhyming narration, with lots of gentle humour and includes lots of short rhyming speaking parts for actors which are written to be easily adapted to your cast size. It is flexible and adaptable for ANY CAST SIZE (customer feedback has the smallest to date as […]

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The Simplest Nativity Play Ever

4 August 2013

This 25 minute nativity play script is narrated entirely in rhyme, and is written in such a way that up to 21 actors can have lines to say, or the narrator can say any or all of them as part of the story instead. This nativity script is therefore: adaptable to any cast size and […]

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The Do-It-Yourself Nativity Play

2 August 2013

This 20 minute nativity script is purpose written for a church nativity service with a small cast of young people of reading age ( teenagers especially!) in a church with a fun, family atmosphere (adults are required to join in!) The DIY Nativity Play…… tells the traditional bible based nativity story in a hilarious, lighthearted […]

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Jesus is Not Just For Christmas

19 March 2013

Christmas is not just a story That’s told to make people feel great. It’s more than a reason for presents And parties as we celebrate. It’s not just a time to catch up with Our families and friends far away Nor even for annual visits To church on Christmas Day.

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