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Angela Yardy of Angela's Poems


Do you see an old hag, or a beautiful young woman wearing a choker, and with her head turned away?


An Inspirational Poem This inspirational poem emphasises that what matters is not how things look, but how you look at things!      I found a hillside all alone and wanted to befriend it. I felt its heart was broken, and I could help to mend it.  So as it broke its silence and it […]


Church, but not as we know it!

      This is just a silly children’s poem straight from my imagination, and is fortunately based only on jokes about church, and not on my own experience!  

Credit: Tambako the Jaguar @

Awe and Wonder

  I was torn between including this nature poem in my Christian poetry or the nature category, as it combines my love and appreciation of spring with my Christian faith. However, I felt that it captured the gentility and the feelings that Springtime evokes, as well as having an unusual rhyme pattern, so I hope […]

Gods creation

God’s Precious Creation

Christian Poetry This inspirational Christian poem reminds us that we are all precious and loved and, despite what we often tell ourselves, are a beautiful creation.     You gave God His own precious moment When He gave you breathe, life and soul. It was your uniqueness in nature And being that made His life […]


  This Christian inspirational poem is written as a letter to God, thanking Him for the gift of creation.   I cannot help but be amazed When I think of creation. Not just about the place I live, But the whole compilation.The fact that every part of earth Works hand in hand together; The animals, […]

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The Unfriendly Chimpanzee

        Just a fun animal poem, written with my usual, childish immaturity!


The Foul Creature

    This immature story poem began as a serious thoughtful mystery, but the rhyming led me elsewhere!


Bad Behaviour At The Alliteration Zoo

    I wrote this poem specifically as an example of alliteration poetry, demonstrating alliteration to children in an obvious and humorous way…


My Mum’s Menagerie

This silly word play poem is full of lots of animal sayings that have double meanings.


Beware the Knicker Nickers

      This alien story poem is nothing more than a bit of silly fun, inspired by the word play in the title.  It includes some metaphors, alliteration and word play.  It did, however, become something of a challenge keeping up the rhyme pattern of aaaa. (See BEGINNERS’ PAGES for explanation of rhyme patterns.)

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