Figurative language is simply a descriptive way of writing which helps the reader to imagine a picture of the subject or scene, and to bring out the reader’s emotions and help them to relate to the words. In other words, it’s just about using different ways to make your writing interesting! There are many different ways to do this by:

making comparisons (similes and metaphors), repeating sounds (alliteration, assonance and consonance), exaggeration (hyperbole), appealing to the senses (onomatopoeia), and creating images (imagery and personification).

Many of my poems include figurative language; some will maybe only use one form, others will use lots. Therefore, all the poems listed below include some element of figurative language, but they are also then separated into ALLITERATION POEMS, PERSONIFICATION POEMS etc, according to what figurative language is included, so if you are looking for specific examples just look at the drop down menu that appears when you hover over the heading of FIGURATIVE POEMS. My poems will, of course, be duplicated in several of the categories of figurative poems if they include more than one element of figurative language. Look at the TEACHERS’ PAGE, FIGURATIVE WRITING intro to understand more about what each type of figurative language is; it’s nothing like as complicated as the words make it sound!

Naming The Seasons

by angela on October 2, 2014

Naming The Seasons Poem

This metaphor seasons poem, one of my “Picturing the Seasons” collection which personifies each season, is an excellent example of figurative language, being full of personification, imagery and hyperbole/metaphors.


If Spring was a person, who would that be?
I think she’s the Princess of Hope;
Lifting our spirits by seeing things through
Her magical kaleidoscope.

If Summer was a person, who would that be?
She could be the Promenade Queen; [click to continue…]

The Garden Within

by angela on September 22, 2014 · 0 comments


This inspirational metaphor poem is another example of figurative language, with occasional use of alliteration.


Guard your heart always, for there you will find
That delicate feelings and thoughts are entwined.
Each must be tended and nurtured and fed
Or weeds can develop and grow there instead. [click to continue…]

Summer – The Promenade Queen

by angela on September 20, 2014



This illustrated summer season poem, from my “Picturing The Seasons” collection, is full of figurative language, including imagery, hyperbole and metaphors.

Summer is here! The Promenade Queen,
Displaying her gown with delight;
Adorning her beautiful colours of joy,
She dances long into the night.

Welcome Your Majesty, please lead the way.
Thank you for sharing your lovely display.  [click to continue…]

Spring – The Princess of Hope

by angela on September 16, 2014


This illustrated season poem, from my “Picturing The Seasons” collection, is a lovely example of personification and imagery and includes masses of metaphors and alliteration.

Springtime is here: The Princess of Hope
Waits for the start of the ball.
The Master of Ceremonies clears his throat
To announce her arrival to all.

“Announcing the Princess, the Hope of the Nation”….
The guests hold their breath in anticipation. [click to continue…]

Winter – The Masterful King

by angela on September 15, 2014


This illustrated season poem, from my “Picturing The Seasons” collection, is a lovely example of personification and imagery and includes masses of metaphors and alliteration.

Winter is here! The Masterful King
Sits high on his icy white throne
Watching his personal artist create
A work of art all of his own.

Welcome Jack Frost.  It’s lovely to see
Such artistry of the highest degree.

  [click to continue…]

Autumn – The Prince of Change

11 September 2014

This illustrated season poem, from my “Picturing The Seasons” collection, is a lovely example of personification and imagery and includes masses of metaphors and alliteration. Autumn is here!  The Prince canters by, His red chestnut stallion on show. His golden locks trail on the cool, gentle breeze As he waves, with his bronzed arms aglow. […]

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A Poem With Purpose

26 August 2014

This encouragement, list poem is creatively written to include a list of metaphors and is a lovely encouragement to someone who doesn’t recognise their own value and purpose……   What is a poem if no-body reads it? What is a favour if no-body needs it? What is a present, if no-body gives? How painful is […]

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My Homebaked Mum

3 March 2014

  Full of amusing word play, this simple Mothers’ Day performance poem is very effective with just a few basic baking props, and a child dressed in an apron.  I have provided a downloadable picture sheet containing each of the ingredients that are added to the recipe to make “My Homebaked Mum”, so that they […]

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11 January 2014

  I very rarely write in free verse, but this poem felt too deep and expressive to be steered by anything but the emotions and memories as they flowed.   As a  rhyming poet I do not naturally appreciate free verse but, strangely, I found it easy to structure the verses of this particular poem according […]

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Introducing……. You!

11 January 2014

This poem shares the same beginning as one of my Christian poems entitled “Who Am I?”, but “Introducing…..You!” is purpose written to make the reader think about who they are, so it makes a good introduction to a workshop on the topic. (See also “I am….”)   Today I met a stranger.  That stranger asked […]

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