If you are unsure of what a simile or a metaphor is, click on the TEACHERS’ PAGE, FIGURATIVE WRITING (INTRO), SIMILES AND METAPHORS for a detailed explanation, and some ideas of how to get started writing simile and metaphor poetry. Listed below are examples of my poems which contain similes and metaphors to a greater or lesser degree. Some are written specifically as simile poems or metaphor poetry whilst others contain similes and metaphors along with other figurative language. I have therefore listed each of my poems which include either/ or both similes and metaphors in this category, as well a brief description with each poem of the amount included together with details of any other figurative language used. Hopefully this will help you to ascertain how useful each poem will be in your teaching/ learning.

God’s Tapestry

by angela on March 10, 2013

God's Tapestry whole picture

The Tapestry of Life was started
At the dawn of time.
Within the pattern, even then,
God saved a place for mine.

 With every stitch the picture grew
While crafted from above,
And as God wove each new thread in
He blended it with love.  [click to continue…]


by angela on March 10, 2013

perspectiveperspective verse


 I found a hillside all alone and wanted to befriend it.
I felt its heart was broken, and I could help to mend it.

 So as it broke its silence and it began to talk,
I felt it needed company, so we began to walk.

 And as we walked together, our hearts and minds entwined,
I began to share my problems; I knew it wouldn’t mind. [click to continue…]

Mary and her Little Lamb

by angela on June 20, 2012

This alternative story of Mary and her little lamb includes the original simile and a new metaphor.  Other than that, is just a silly poem using the same rhyme and rhythm pattern, but telling an entirely different story with not quite the same pleasantries as the original nursery rhyme! [click to continue…]


The following senses list poem talks about how the use of rhythm and rhyme can be important in poetry.  It includes a small amount of alliteration and assonance, as well as some personification and metaphors.

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Millicent the Millipede

by angela on May 29, 2012



This tiny insect poem is a lovely, simple example of metaphor poetry.  It’s four lines include small amounts of alliteration, imagery,  hyperbole and personification to describe  the  picture of the millipede’s body and feet moving?  [click to continue…]

A Miner’s Best Friend

28 May 2012

      This factual mining poem about the role of the canary in Victorian mines uses personification and metaphors to describe the way a miner felt about these life-saving birds.

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Child Miners in Victorian Britain

19 April 2012

I have put together a page of winning children’s poems by Fitzwilliam Primary School on the topic of Victorian child miners.  They include lots of figurative language such as alliteration, personification, similes and metaphors, and different poem forms such as acrostics, list poems and senses poems.

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Queen Primary World War Two children’s poems

19 April 2012

    Having done a World War Two workshop with year five children at Queen Primary, they produced some fantastic poems of different forms, including acrostic & shape poems, using lots of figurative language, such as alliteration and metaphors.  Click here to go to the page of World War Two poems that the children wrote.

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Meet the Lemurs at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

18 April 2012

The following poem is my adaptation of one written by Lucy, an 8 year old poet whose poem won one of my poetry competitions.  Her poem was so effective and full of figurative language  (including alliteration, metaphors and personification) that it made me want to see these fabulous animals.

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6 March 2012

    This rhyming, rhythmical shape poem is written in a list format but in the shape of a suitcase and includes a metaphor and a couple of moments of alliteration.  Thinking of the moment during World War Two when a child was evacuated to the country, I tried to put all of the thoughts […]

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