These are poems which, as the name suggests, are written in a shape which represents the subject of the poem. You may sometimes hear them referred to as concrete poems (which is more appropriate to geometrical shapes eg a pyramid or square), or patterned poems , which (are poems written in a particular format and creating a particular shape.) However, a ‘shape poem’ can be any shape that the writer chooses. If you need a more detailed explanation and would like some ideas and tips on writing these yourself, use the TEACHERS’ PAGE, DIFFERENT POETRY FORMS, SHAPE POEMS for more teaching. Alternatively, look at my example shape poems which are listed below.


The Unending Christmas Story


This Christmas shape poem (In the shape of a Christmas tree) was purpose written to be used as a performance poem at the end of my rhyming Christmas nativity play “The Simplest Nativity Play Ever”  [click to continue…]




Having done a World War Two workshop with year five children at Queen Primary, they produced some fantastic poems of different forms, including acrostic & shape poems, using lots of figurative language, such as alliteration and metaphorsClick here to go to the page of World War Two poems that the children wrote.

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by angela on March 6, 2012


An evacuee's luggage label, courtesy of St Albans museum website An evacuee’s luggage label, courtesy of St Albans museum


This rhyming, rhythmical shape poem is written in a list format but in the shape of a suitcase and includes a metaphor and a couple of moments of alliteration.  Thinking of the moment during World War Two when a child was evacuated to the country, I tried to put all of the thoughts and feelings that I imagined into this shape poem.

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Escalating Ambition

by angela on March 3, 2012



This shape poem is just a bit of fun, inspired by a true story of when I achieved a very odd ambition…. [click to continue…]

Dancing Leaves

by angela on March 3, 2012





This simple shape poem considers the texture and the behaviour of the leaf, and includes a metaphor as well as demonstrating personification.

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A River’s Journey

27 February 2012

    I have had requests for journey poems and for a river acrostic poem, and have taken this River’s Journey poem one step further to include aspects of a shape poem.  It is great for teaching figurative language as it includes lots of personification, metaphors and alliteration, and some onomatopoeia.

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Unashamed Blob

12 February 2012

       This is a fun shape poem with rhyme and rhythm.

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Trapper Boy Poems

12 February 2012

  This was a job done by the youngest of the Victorian poor children. Victorian children in Britain could expect to work 12, or even 18 hours a day down the mines.  This page includes haikus and a shape poem about life for the trapper boys in Victorian Britain.

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Tears of Rain

9 February 2012

  This is a very simple shape poem which includes some personification.

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Picturing Autumn Thoughts

30 January 2012

  This shape poem uses lots of random, independent thoughts about autumn which have then been placed on the page as a picture, creating what is otherwise known as a calligram. It includes lots of metaphors, personification and imagery with some alliteration.

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