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The Ultimate Christmas Gift

    This Christmas performance poem is purpose written to be used to compliment my “Grandpa’s Nativity Story” nativity play, but can be used as a standalone poem too.   It uses a repeated refrain throughout the poem, plus an optional extension which could be used as part of a church sermon.


Church, but not as we know it!

      This is just a silly children’s poem straight from my imagination, and is fortunately based only on jokes about church, and not on my own experience!  

The Message of God's Grace

The Message of God’s Grace

A Christmas Poem   This Christmas performance poem is ideal to use with a nativity play or during a church service.   At Christmas, we all hear the story Of when Jesus Christ came to earth We listen and watch a performance Reminding us of Jesus’ birth. But is this where we tend to leave […]


The Unending Christmas Story

    This Christmas shape poem (In the shape of a Christmas tree) was purpose written to be used as a performance poem at the end of my rhyming Christmas nativity play “The Simplest Nativity Play Ever” 

mountains compressed

My Prayer For You

This heartfelt Christian poetry is appropriate to many circumstances, and is my prayer for everyone who reads it.   I said a prayer for you today; I hope that you don’t mind. I asked the Lord to show you What it is you need to find.

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Incy Wincy Alternative

Incy Wincy Spider (Alternative Nursery Rhyme)

    Incy Wincy spider climbed up the spout Down came a paper, and gave him such a clout Out came the raindrops and washed him down the drain Now Incy Wincy spider will not be back again.


A Royal Apology

  This is a funny letter poem, written with rhyme and rhythm, and including lots of word play (of the toilet humour variety!) and occasional moments of alliteration.  It is the third poem in a trilogy which needs to be read in order to understand the content.


Who Pushed Humpty?

    This silly story poem is not exactly an alternative nursery rhyme as it is not shadowing the original nursery rhyme but is using it just as the basis of an extended silly version of the tale, from the viewpoint of the suspects to the crime!      


A Topsy Turvy World

      This zany poem is full of all my imaginative wonderings about the world and how it was designed, and includes lots of alliteration.  Try redesigning the world yourself, and think through all of the consequences; it’s a fun exercise!

Alliteration Al

Alliteration Al

  An Alliteration Poem , specifically written for the purposes of demonstrating alliteration.  (Please note that I have used something called “poetic license” here, which basically means that poets can get away with anything! )   However, please make sure that you spell the word “Thankyou” correctly or I will be in trouble with the spelling police! […]

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