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Angela Yardy of Angela's Poems



The Ultimate Christmas Gift

    This Christmas performance poem is purpose written to be used to compliment my “Grandpa’s Nativity Story” nativity play, but can be used as a standalone poem too.   It uses a repeated refrain throughout the poem, plus an optional extension which could be used as part of a church sermon.

Have faith

Have Faith

Christian Poetry This Christian encouragement poem invites you to embrace your doubts and questions, not to be in denial of them…..   Wherever you are in your life Whatever you hope to achieve Remember, the first step to master Will always be “How to Believe!”


Stephen’s Boat: A Story Poem of God’s Love

A Poem of God’s Love   A big “Thank you !” to Rev. Alistair Sharp and his Dad for this beautiful story which, between them they have told and continually developed for years, and which I have thoroughly enjoyed retelling as a story poem about God’s love.   One day a boy named Stephen made a […]


Children’s Nativity Story Play script

This traditional, bible based 25 minute nativity play is told through a rhyming narration, with lots of gentle humour and includes lots of short rhyming speaking parts for actors which are written to be easily adapted to your cast size. It is flexible and adaptable for ANY CAST SIZE (customer feedback has the smallest to date as […]


The Unending Christmas Story

    This Christmas shape poem (In the shape of a Christmas tree) was purpose written to be used as a performance poem at the end of my rhyming Christmas nativity play “The Simplest Nativity Play Ever” 

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Church, but not as we know it!

      This is just a silly children’s poem straight from my imagination, and is fortunately based only on jokes about church, and not on my own experience!  



      This cat poem is just a bit of rhyming fun with an obvious bit of word play in the title, but anyone who has ‘owned’ a cat will relate to the “Cattitude” that I am referring to!


Bradley Mulladley Mulloon

  Bradley Mulladley Mulloon This is known as a nonsense poem for obvious reasons!  One of my favourite poets is Dr Seuss who wrote “The Cat in The Hat”, and I’ve tried to copy his style here by repeating one rhyming phoneme all the way through, spelt in the same way.  Dr Seuss often did […]


Beware the Knicker Nickers

      This alien story poem is nothing more than a bit of silly fun, inspired by the word play in the title.  It includes some metaphors, alliteration and word play.  It did, however, become something of a challenge keeping up the rhyme pattern of aaaa. (See BEGINNERS’ PAGES for explanation of rhyme patterns.)

Little Miss Muffet alternative

Little Miss Muffet (Alternative)

  This silly alternative nursery rhyme is a very basic adaptation of the original showing how a very simple alteration can make a big difference to the overall poem, whether it be to the emotion of a poem,  the humour, the story, or the outcome.  Making tiny adaptations like this help the beginner poet to […]

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